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We craft works that will make your brand distinctive and unforgettable in the digital world. Would you like to leave artistic impressions in the digital realm and make your mark in the minds of your target audience?

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What Are We Doing forYour Brand?

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Meet the Artists of the Digital World!

Our team embodies the spirit of artists, creating impactful yet modern designs to enhance your brand's online presence. As digital artists, we value your brand's uniqueness and creativity, and we translate these into the digital realm.

Web Design

We Code Your Brand with Creativity.

At Art and Brand, we embrace an expansive approach to web design. Stepping away from the ordinary, we merge creativity and technology. Breaking free from corporate constraints, we craft unique and compelling websites.

Web design is the adornment of brand identity, vision, and mission with vibrant touches. Every interconnected page transitions to a different tale. Impactful statements, action-inducing buttons, and rich visuals create the most enjoyable experience.

A web design that doesn’t bore your target audience and enables them to connect with your brand becomes the finest portfolio of your brand

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Social Media Management

Virtual Touch, Digital Aesthetics: The New Face of Social Media

When an effective social media management service is skillfully provided, it opens the doors for brands to establish a deep and meaningful connection with their target audiences. This not only expands the boundaries of brand visibility but also contributes to the foundation of a loyal follower community.

This strategic approach not only allows direct reach to potential customers but also enables stronger interaction with existing ones. Standing out in the dynamic world of social media and creating a unique digital presence play a significant pioneering role in the digital transformation journey of brands when managed correctly.

Social media management offers a platform where ideas and content can be freely showcased across various industries. However, for those aspiring to have an effective presence in the modern digital world, the preferred path has always been towards Art and Brand!

We grasp the power of social media and guide brands on how to utilize this power most efficiently. We work with a perspective that has always been interested in art because there is always brightness in art

Digital Marketing / Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads Campaigns are the key to blending your brand identity, vision, and mission with colorful touches. With every click, a different story unfolds. It is possible to experience the most enjoyable journey with compelling headlines, action-inducing buttons, and captivating visuals.

A web design that engages your target audience and makes them identify with your brand without overwhelming them becomes the best showcase for your Google Ads campaigns. Everyone who takes a step into your brand’s world with just one click feels an instant connection.

This design represents your brand most powerfully in the digital arena, providing a magical experience where each click tells a separate story.

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Our Strong Web Design Projects

Creativity is the art of combining the right things.
-Steve Jobs

Awards That Crown Our Digital Success
2018 / 2019

Felis Awards

With our interactive Web Design Project created for Umut Foundation, we were honored with the 3rd place Felis Award in the ‘Marketing and Advertising’ category.
    2019 / 2020

    Golden Spider Awards

    For our innovative Web Design Project for Kar Group Company, we were recognized with the ‘Best Web Design of the Year’ award.
      2020 / 2021

      Diamonds of Turkey

      Through the strength we gained from brands we managed Social Media for, where we tripled their performance throughout the year, we were honored with the ‘Best Social Media Agency of the Year’ award.
        2022 / 2023

        Life & Beauty Awards

        For the Web Design Projects and Social Media Designs we executed throughout the year, we were awarded the ‘Best Digital Media Agency of the Year’.